AppGharage is a service that vets the skills of software developers and designers to create the optimal team for your business or project.


AppGharage is the world’s design crib

Software is an essential tool for every business in the world, yet most don’t have access to quality development at a reasonable cost. We aim to put a software development team in everyone’s pocket.

Businesses with access to custom software or highly motivated and loyal developers have thousands of times more leverage than those without. We believe that by democratizing access to great software or developers and designers we can increase the pace of human evolution.

The nature of work is changing and we are at the forefront of this seismic shift.

We are building the largest pool of exceptional developers, designers, and product managers exclusively from Africa and partnering them with businesses and startups, with a rich working environment. We are just getting started.


Experts in their crafts

Our diverse skills and backgrounds combine with a shared passion to shape the future of software development.